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The Sunrise Center 

The Sunrise Center offers a place of hope and healing for children, teens and their families that are experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one, have been placed in foster care or have a loved one with an advanced serious illness. We provide peer support groups in a safe, supportive and understanding environment with the supplies they need to be able to communicate effectively. In doing so, children and adults will realize they are not alone and may begin to heal by expressing their emotions and feelings, together.

 Mourning Sun Children’s Foundation Scholarship –

 -Provides a substantial scholarship to students in the High Desert who have experienced a tragic event in their lives
-A $20,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student who is selected by Foundation Board Members on the Scholarship Committee 

-Scholarship can be used at student’s post-secondary school of choice.
-Our Scholarship is the largest Scholarship awarded in the High Desert.

 Ryan Cambridge Memorial Grant –

The Ryan Cambridge Memorial Grant, formerly the RC scholarship, was founded after the tragic death of Ryan Cambridge, co-owner of Conco Construction and friend of the High Desert Community, son to Rick and Pam Cambridge and father to Kara and Riley Cambridge. 

The SHCF hosts an annual golf tournament with many of Ryan's industry friends and colleagues, raising the money needed to provide a 4 year renewable grant to be awarded to our local high schools to fund their vocational programs.  Each of our local high schools will have the opportunity to apply for the grant.  Upon receipt of the applications, our grant committee, made up of board and community members, will review the applications and award one school with the most need.  This will be in the amount of $5,000/year for four years. Each year they will provide the committee with a report showing how and where the money was used prior to receiving the next installment of their grant.